Thursday, July 12, 2007

Underdog Bites

I got something in the mail from Disney. It's just a postcard advertising their latest movie playing at the El Capitan Theatre. It's a great place to see a film for sure, but I have no interest in seeing the next film opening in August.

Underdog opens Aug. 3rd. It's a live action film based on the cartoon series from the 1960s. The cartoon was kinda funny, why they need to make a movie about it, who knows. The hero would fly and fight crime and everything else, but when he would get in a bind or lose his power, he would open a compartment in his ring and pop a special pill to restore his strength!

Pop a pill to restore his strength? It would happen in every show and that's probably why you can find it on TV anymore. It was not so strange for that era in animation when The Flintstones sold cigarettes and Racial stereotypes on Saturday Morning shows were normal.

My beef with the movie is that there won't be any ring on the dogs hand. That's bogus! You would think Disney would show a few cartoons before the movie. Instead, they have some woman and her stunt dog.

Come on Disney!

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Don Hudson said...

i do have a good word to say about the ad Campaign...As I drove by one of the posters on a bus shelter the tag line was "One nation, Under Dog". That's good stuff!