Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Final Notes

I hope that you've enjoyed the videos, but I do have a few quick observations on The San Diego Comic Con.

I went to a few panels and noted that the females who indentified themselves as Librarians, had pink hair!

The most popular items at the Con was the enormous, fake Jabba the Hutt Statue and the Yoda Backpack.

Is anyone hiring pencilers? Inkers? Even with all the money soaking up the place, I'm not sure.


Allen Gladfelter said...

I have become utterly convinced that nobody gets hired at ComicCon. Furthermore, I have serious doubts that any serious business gets done, industry professional wise, at ComicCon. It's just gotten too big and overwhelming. The people who make the decisions and dole out the assignments are far too busy with other stuff to make a deal with an artist. If anything happens at conventions, I believe it happens at the smaller, regional ones, such as Wondercon, or the ones in Chicago or Philly. ComicCon is a wash, as far as I am concerned. And anyway, are conventions really supposed to be job fairs? I doubt it. Please disagree with me if you do, in fact, disagree with me. Give examples.

Steve Buccellato said...

Don dedicated a new post to this question--I will post my answer there.