Saturday, July 14, 2007

Harry Potter

Today was a good day. I bought a set of new tires for the car, had a nice brunch in Santa Monica complete with people watching and I saw the latest Harry Potter film. I enjoyed it! No spoilers here, but I will say that it's darker than the previous films. As for darker I noticed something about the actor Daniel Radcliffe.

As he grows up, I see fewer photos of him with the rest of the cast. No more shots of him with a stupid owl. For example, here are two magazine covers. The Entertainment Weekly has Radcliffe in his movie outfit, but with a menacing kind of light above and behind him. The Details Magazine has brighter light, but that facial hair says no good brother-in-law that won't get a job.

I guess Warner Bros. is trying to sell a movie about wizards again. It worked with me!

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