Monday, July 16, 2007

Changing City

I picked up an old Life magazine and I saw this photo essay on crime in the city. The mag was from November 1971 and the writer spent some time with people living on East 78th in Manhattan. Crime was so bad back then, the residents were afraid to leave the apartment. Things would only get worse.

I remember playing softball in Central Park in the early 90s. The team would head to the eastside around 86th st. to hang out and get an after game bite. I never felt like the city was on lock down at all. It seems like the city was as grey as the photos in LIFE shows. If there were any bad people on 78th street, I hope the high rents got rid of them.


Allen Gladfelter said...

Geez. Last year I spent a week walking around Harlem, like 120th and north to past 150th, and I felt safe the whole entire time.

Don Hudson said...

From what I'm reading, all of Manhattan is becoming ultra-gentrified.