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Merry Christmas 1987

This is an old XMas card sent by Marvel Comics in 1987. Drawn by J. Romita Sr. Have a Happy Holiday everyone.

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Advertising Art

This is an old frame from an advertising board I did long ago. I can't remember what they were trying to sell, but I do remember the comment from the creative director; "It looks like there's some kind of attack going on!"
I guess he couldn't realize it from his own thumbnail.

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Jersey Boys In Sydney!

My friend Marie is currently travelling around the world. She spent a few days in beautiful Sydney, Australia and came across some posters advertising the Jersey Boys Musical. The AD features some of the art I did for the show! I think it's great that the show I worked on from the very beginning has become a worldwide sensation!To check out more art and earlier blog posts about my Jersey Boys experience, check the label below!

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Jenna part 56

Welcome to December and more Jenna of the Jungle!

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Art by John Watkiss

I think that this is some video game concept by John Watkiss! I like his strong style and these drawings look like they were done with brush and Prismacolor pencil. You can see more Watkiss art at the Lines and Colors BLOG.
To see more art done by people I admire, click the label below!

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West Hollywood Halloween!

It's always fun to see the sights at the West Hollywood halloween Carnival. That's what they are calling it anyway. I love the effort that people put into their outfits, but I look for the superhero suits. I saw a great looking Hawkman costume and I really dig this Sunfire suit. I wore my old faithful Samurai outfit. Maybe I should step up my game for next year.

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Reality Renovation

I live in an area with a lot of homes going through renovation. Recently, there was a camera crew across the street from my home and a work crew fixing up a neighbors back yard for a TV show. You probably know the type of program. A celebrity handyman renovates your garage or backyard and a camera crew tapes it for a cable show!

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Attack At Don's Greatest Hits!

It occurred to me that many of the groovy people following this Blog have joined up over the past year or so. Since I have been writing it since 2005, I think maybe some background is needed!
If you were to look thru the archives, you'd see a lot of my art. I'm a professional artist with experience in Advertising, Comic Books, Illustration, and Animation. I'd like to think that my best work is ahead of me and I always work on getting better. I write this blog as a creative outlet and I think you would enjoy the stuff I've posted in last few years. I'm adding some links so you can take a look.

I had a question about a page of art drawn by Kevin Nowlan. I posted the page, and asked him about. Look at the page and read his response Here!

One day, at my old apartment, a neighbor went bananas and had to be taken away. I got my camera and tookVideo of it.

I did some storyboards for a Boost Mobile commercial and they followed my direction pretty closely! Take a look!

I love Conan and I love original art! It's a pleasure to own the best Conan cover EVER! See for yourself!

I was lucky to apprentice under John Romita Sr. I was not the only one and John made a list of most of them. See where I land on it!Check it!

Thanks again for following my Blog! I enjoy blogging!

Jenna part 42

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Fun With Storyboards!

I will take a little break from my 'Jenna' serial to share some recent storyboard work. Sometimes paying work gets in the way of the blogging.

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More Recent Artwork!

This is another illustration for Marvel Superheroes Magazine. I'm only showing one figure, The Human Torch, in the pencil, ink and color stages. The colorist is Steve Buccellato! I'm usually looser when I Ink myself, but there were so many people who have to sign off on the work, I had to pencil everything tight!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Gonna share some recent work!

This is a double page spread from Marvel Superheroes magazine. Published by Disney Worldwide Publishing! I think the idea was to show different Marvel characters in their natural setting and give some info about them. The mag can be found overseas only and it's translated into many different languages. The color and the effects were done by Steve Buccellato!

How do you say Sanctum Sanctorium in German?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Breaking News!

My wife and I were approached for an opinion! If you want to see the video,CLICK HERE

Monday, August 01, 2011

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas!

One thing about advertising is that companies plan ahead! If you want a commercial on in November or December, then get your ideas together in August. This is some AD art that I drew recently. Someone else did the color and it looks great.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Action Comics #903

I recently inked a variant cover to Action Comics issue 903. It was penciled by Denys Cowan and colored by Paul Mounts.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011