Sunday, December 08, 2013

Drawing of the Day!

I did not draw much at The Drink and Draw event. I will post what I did.
But the drawing of the day can be found below!

Friday, December 06, 2013

Westside Drinky and Draw

Met up with a group of talented and creative people last night! We are all on the west side of Los Angeles and we never get together. Steve had an idea to emulate a social get-together that goes on in Downtown LA, and start something on the Westside of LA. I think we are calling it The South Bay Drink N Draw.
Who showed up at this first gathering? Starting from the Left, it's Mike Mignola, Mike Wellman, Brian Buccellato and Don Hudson.
 There were stories told, laughs and more than a few beers served!
This Photo shows Steve Buccellato, Rich Starkings, Scott Koblish and Mignola.
It was a great time and I lasted way past my bedtime! There will be another get together next month and wonder if it will catch on. See you there!