Friday, September 30, 2011

Attack At Don's Greatest Hits!

It occurred to me that many of the groovy people following this Blog have joined up over the past year or so. Since I have been writing it since 2005, I think maybe some background is needed!
If you were to look thru the archives, you'd see a lot of my art. I'm a professional artist with experience in Advertising, Comic Books, Illustration, and Animation. I'd like to think that my best work is ahead of me and I always work on getting better. I write this blog as a creative outlet and I think you would enjoy the stuff I've posted in last few years. I'm adding some links so you can take a look.

I had a question about a page of art drawn by Kevin Nowlan. I posted the page, and asked him about. Look at the page and read his response Here!

One day, at my old apartment, a neighbor went bananas and had to be taken away. I got my camera and tookVideo of it.

I did some storyboards for a Boost Mobile commercial and they followed my direction pretty closely! Take a look!

I love Conan and I love original art! It's a pleasure to own the best Conan cover EVER! See for yourself!

I was lucky to apprentice under John Romita Sr. I was not the only one and John made a list of most of them. See where I land on it!Check it!

Thanks again for following my Blog! I enjoy blogging!

Jenna part 42

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Fun With Storyboards!

I will take a little break from my 'Jenna' serial to share some recent storyboard work. Sometimes paying work gets in the way of the blogging.

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