Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday at La Jolla

Tuesday was a busy day! I am working on some additional art for 'Jersey Boys' and I had an appointment to see the director, Des McAnuff. He is also the Creative Director of The La Jolla Playhouse and that meant road trip! I first started work on the show about 3 years ago and since the show hit it big, a lot people have moved on to other projects. Des is now working on a new show in La Jolla, 'The Wiz'.

I always arrive early, so I had lunch at a Rockbottom Restaurant in town. At 1:30, I walk into 'The Wiz' production meeting with Des and the entire cast at a circular table. Before he broke for lunch, He Introduced me as the 'Jersey Boys' artist! That was very cool.

I have shown earlier sketches on this blog and during our meeting, we brainstormed on some new ones. I did a lot of sketching and we agreed on some art. Pretty good meeting. Now I have to get to work on finishing a bunch of new art.

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