Monday, August 28, 2006

Art Apprentices

I don't remember the exact date when John Romita retired from Marvel Comics. I do remember that the company threw a retirement party and invited every Romita Raider who ever worked with him! As Art Director,John had a lot of work to do. He frequently got overwhelmed and got some help[with art correction. Stuff like changing figures or adding art. It started out informal, but it became a valuable training program for young artists.

I was a Romita Raider and I did my best to learn as much as I could from everyone working there. I attended the retirement party and posed for a great group photo!
I never got a copy of the photo, but I do have Romita's handwritten list of Art Apprentices. Are any of these names familiar?


Sara Kocher said...

Chis Ivy, Rodney Ramos, Gavin Curtis, Vince Mielcarek, James Brock, and some young kid named Don Hudson? Sure, I remember them!

Although I recall some better than others, since my memory's slipping with the advanced age and all.

I also recall a few of the Raiders from before my time at Marvel, especially James Fry. He "immortalized" me as a Star Trek character (see my "beaming up" blog post for details). Thanks to him (and Peter David), Googling my maiden name still brings up a few of the more obsessively detail-oriented Star Trek sites.

ROCKWITZ said...

I worked with every one of the people on this list.