Friday, August 25, 2006

More old photos

What is going on with all the old photos being bounced around this select little blogosphere? Is the nostalgia because of marrages and turning forty and people moving to Portland and whatever else? I have to apologize to Sara for posting this ridiculous photo, but I don't think she's ever seen it! And does Steve look old enough to drink?


Sara Kocher said...

Clearly I must have had some of whatever Steve was drinking, with that goofy smile on my face. Niiiice photo, Don, thanks!

What I want to know is why I was wearing a sweater about 5 sizes too large. Was it that cold?

I remember Steve getting the pet iguana. Wasn't that a gift from Dan Chichester and Margaret Clark? What ever happened to them?

Don Hudson said...

I can only say that it was the 80s and maybe the sweater was in style. I hear that Dan is still married and back east.

As for Margaret, I saw her working a booth at San Diego this year. She looked good but I did not speak to her. She was kinda mean to me when I first started at Marvel. Bad vibe, I guess.

Sara Kocher said...

Yeah, I wouldn't exactly run up and say "hi" either. Sometime I'll tell you my story about how Margaret learned to create a conference-call on the Marvel phone system. Accidentally, that is, while trying to hang up on me.

Her vibe was definitely never "warm, friendly and charming." At least in my experience.

Glad to hear they're both doing well, though.