Saturday, August 05, 2006

Power Pack

MARVEL Comics published a book called POWER PACK in the 80's and early 90s. It was a book about four siblings living in Manhattan. Two boys and two girls with super powers, and they kept it a secret from the parents! There was always some kind of drama with whether or not to use their powers. The city is burning! How do we leave the house with mom in the kitchen? I grew to love the writing by Louise Simonson, but I didn't start buying the book until a new art team started drawing the book.

This is page 22 from Issue 36 of Power Pack Edition one. Art by Jon Bogdanove and Hilary Barta. Barta's inks ar incredible. Really strong and clean. Bogdanove had exact reference for the upper east side in panel one, and Barta does not slip up. I know that the PP kids are back in new adventures, but there's a different team. I think I'll stick to these guys.


Steve Buccellato said...

Those guys were the best. Bog and Barta. Great team.

Allen Gladfelter said...

I was a fan of Power pack when I was a kid! I have most of them in my collection, including the one that Steve Buccellato drew!

Sara Kocher said...

I had a huge crush on Hilary Barta back in the day, just because he was that good an inker and artist. Nice guy too, but I fell for the art first.

Thanks for the memories, Don.

Don Hudson said...

Hey Sara! I'm glad to see that Power Pack still has a great fan base!