Monday, August 21, 2006


I came across this image while web surfing. It's on sale at and it seems as if the inker has put it up for sale. The penciller was Mark Texiera. Mark is a friend of mine and I love his work. Sadly, I never had a chance to ink him. The were many times in the early 90's, when he set up shop in the old Marvel Bullpen to stage an all-nighter. He would have to recruit any available artist to help finish an issue of Ghost Rider. I would have my own jobs to work on so I missed out.

This page was inked by Bob McLeod. I bet he had fun working on it!


Kevie Metal said...

Man, you're bringing me back to some very formative stuff. I think those nights helping Tex were what gave me the courage to draw comics of my own. When I drew a phone or something into a background and it actually made it into print, it was like a revelation. It was a blast to work for him. He was so funny and generous with advice.

What an inspiration the guy was to me. There's such a naturalness and physicality to his figures. I've only known a few people in all my years who just naturally "have it" like he does. I think I studied his stuff so hard I encoded it into my DNA, because to this day people spot the influence when I do pen & ink.

Don Hudson said...

I agree with you Kevin. I would always look for any of his pencil work around the office. I remember being blown away by a Thundercats job he did maybe 15 years ago.