Monday, May 08, 2006

X-men Movie

I had a chance to see the latest X-men 3 trailer and I am looking forward to it!

I also have a quick review for MI-3: It's quick paced to the point of being frantic. The story is less important than the energetic camera angles and the wide eyed chases. The slowest part of the film was funeral scene and the camera panned across the mourners like they wanted to save film or something. I would have enjoyed the film much more if they had not blown up the screen so much.

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Allen Gladfelter said...

I still think that Halle Berry was a terrible choice of actress to portray Storm. Halle is just too soft and petit. I think they should have gotten somebody with a more regal bearing, like Iman, who can pull off the African Goddess thing.

That said, I dig the movies and I'll be happy to go check this one out.