Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CinemaRetro Magazine

I buy a lot of magazines. One reason is that I'm constantly looking for reference, Like an 18th century pirate ship or a photo of Genghis Khan or something. I will visit my local newsstand and go through Esquire Magazine to Marie Claire, and if I see a photo that I can keep as reference, then I will shell out my five bucks happily. A bonus is that I will read the articles within and learn something. If you read a few issues of Marie Claire you'll get good advice on body image...But that's another posting.

Anyway, while checking out the racks at Astonishing Comics in Burbank, I found a groovy UK import Magazine. Cinema Retro is a magazine covering A list and B list Movies during the 60s and 70s. They have really serious views on English Horror flicks as well as David Lean's lesser known efforts. A big draw for me was a photo essay on Frank Sinatra and his "Tony Rome" movies!
The latest Issue features Vincent Price and a movie he did in the Sixties called "Witchfinder General". Lots of photos of witch hunt era Salem and a few comments on how they had to edit the film for American audiences. I guess the English didn't have a problem with topless actresses.

If you enjoy B movies, do yourself a favor and get this mag.

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