Friday, May 12, 2006

E3_Day two

I love walking around E3 before it opens to the public. Very early, like around 7:00. The hall is well lit and there is security standing around but in comparison to the rest of the day, it's like an abandoned Times Square. I can walk around and enjoy the effort the corporations put into getting my attention. I'm not a big gamer but I love great design. And some of these booths are gorgeous! The N-Gage booth was sherbert colored with groovy chairs. The Final Fantasy area had the best trailer playing and a great game set-up. The SEGA booth with Virtua Fighter knocked my socks off. My favorite is still the PSP booth with the cutaway subway car!

Okay, so I finish walking around the convention floor and I get ready for the show. I was so busted from yesterday and I have all kinds of anxieties. I worry that I can't finish the day. Then a surprise! A few hours into the show, my boss walks up and asks me if I'd like a chair to sit down in! What a shock! She says"It must be tough to stand up all day." I respond, " I didn't think that I was allowed to sit down." Silly old me. I now have a chair to relax in in between telling some Korean guy that he can't come inside the exclusive booth. Ever been to E3? There are a lot of Korean people walking around, believe me.

You will find a beautiful girl at every booth at E3. They could be working reception or just standing around in a costume passing out T-shirts. They exist to get your attention. You are allowed to look but not touch, but they are not fragile artifacts, just a normal beautiful girl being paid to pose for photos. I have spent two days listening to their unfiltered thoughts in the break room and this what they think about YOU!

They hate the guy that puts their arms around their waist and hugs! Gross! The outfit that they wear shows a lot of skin and they don't need to be that close to you buddy. If you smell, they will make a face after you leave. That's Guaranteed. They start seeing double after 3 or 4 hours because of the constant camera flashing. When they take a break, they take the costume off and relax. They will chat about the next job or where they are headed next. If you were the weirdest guy at the convention, they will goof on you. One last thing. They LOVE a TV camera. If someone with a mic and a camera shows up, Get out of the way! I wonder if Jennifer Aniston started out posing in an iron brassier?

Next time- "I'm on the front Page! It's all about ME!"

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