Saturday, May 13, 2006

E3_Day three

What do I do at E3? I stay near the entrance of the Sony Online Entertainment booth and keep out the riff raff. That's it. It's not really violent but it can be confrontational. Theres a lot of "What's going on in there?" or "Why can't I go in?" Most people understand. Sometimes I make a mistake and block someone who is supposed to be there. Oh well. It helps to have a who cares type of attitude. It keeps me from getting personal, and now that I have a chair to sit on, I'm in a much better mood!

Good news today! Lauren The Medusa Girl is on the front page of the LA Times Calendar section! It's a beautiful photo that stands out! The entire booth was abuzz! Medusa girl spent a lot of time on her cell phone before getting into costume, calling friends and family. You can see a lot of photos taken with the paper. Maybe this is not what I should be bothering with, but it happens right in front of me! I must say that I am happy for her. She really is pretty and If you have to wear a foam rubber snake costume with a snake headress, you deserve some positive press.

The last day is a little slower. The previous two days were filled with meetings and camera crews going in and out. Not mention the open bar in the afternoons (No, I didn't drink). Today with the meetings over and done with, the booth opened for the average Sony employee. Ugg... The one thing I will say is that some of those guys should eat a salad or something. Bigger is not better. I took a lunch hour to get as much swag as I could. T-shirts, Magazines and a cool poster. I could not play many games because I couldn't wait on line.

The managers started to leave around 1:00. I stayed at my post until my supervisor let me split around 4:00. Another job well done! I stood around checking badges and got senses stimulated for three days. Was it worth it? Well, nobody took a swing at me, so I guess it was!

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