Sunday, May 07, 2006

Spidey's Wedding

I recently read an interview with Joe Quesada on the Newsarama website. He made a comment that Peter Parker marrying Mary Jane Watson was not a good idea. I disagree! The wedding was so much fun, and I know because I was there! It was in 1988 when they tied the knot at Shea stadium in NYC. Everyone was given tickets to the game and a reception afterwards. The party was at The Tunnel, it was a trendy place at the time and I was just old enough to drink!

Spidey getting married put him on a different path and showed the character maturing. I think the people at Marvel need to try harder to explore the drama of married life instead of lamenting over his single days.


David Wohl said...

Ah memories.

Don Hudson said...

Y,know dave, I have a photo of you at the game as well. Perhaps I should post it?

JayJayJackson said...

Wow, so cool! Great pictures!