Sunday, July 23, 2006

SDCC Digest report

I have just returned from San Diego and I know that there are a million blogs with up to the minute reports. This is my own story from the pop culture pilgrimage.

Comiculture did not have a booth at the con, so I worked the Active Images booth. Rich Starkings and I are pals so I helped sell comics and I had a place to hang out. We shared space with the 'Man of Action' Guys. They must have posted something on the blog every ten minutes. Check out to see it.

So I worked the booth and talked up 'Elephantmen'. The new book written by R. Starkings and published by Image. I watched Tim Sale, David Hine and Snakebite(don't ask), do signings. I sold one Comiculture Anthology. And I had drinks with Mike Heisler, Dean and Monica Kubina, Joe Dunn and a horde of Pros at the Hyatt Bar.

I realize that this does not give you the complete convention experience, so I recommend the Man of Action site.

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