Saturday, July 08, 2006

I review Superman!

A scientist from an advanced culture in outer space sends his only son to Earth to live among them. His adoptive parents teach him right from wrong and he grows up to perform super feats and miracles. He is a symbol of truth, justice and all that other stuff. I am talking about Superman, of course, but you might assume that I were speaking about Jesus. That's the impression I got after watching the recent movie with Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh.

So much Christian symbolism...Oh boy. Rouths' acting is placid. Not like the confidence and wit of Chris Reeves and Routh is missing the overboard geekyness that made the contrast between him and his alter-ego so entertaining. Bosworth is so pretty, you forget that her dialogue is weak. Kevin Spacey as Luthor had a lot to do, but he never seemed like the threat that he was supposed to be. The action is excellent and the effects top-notch but the symbolism too much. Superman is about an immigrant coming to a different land and achieving his full potential. It's the idea that Siegel and Shuster first gave us.

Spoiler Example: Towards the end of the movie, Superman is lifting a small island into outer space. It's infused with Krptonite and as he throws it into space, he succumbs to the krypton radiation. He falls to Earth, arms out stretched. Is he alive or dead? His disciples, Perry White, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Ma Kent wait for three days as he lays in a hospital bed. Then he disappears!

He has recovered and is still among us! Fighting crime and flying above us.

I have no problem with religion. I just think that original 1978 movie had a similar plot but less Holy Roman undertones. I recommend seeing the film if only to be prepared for the talked about follow-up. Batman versus Superman. I mean, The Devil versus Jesus.

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