Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kevin, Marie and Me

This is a photo of Marie Javins, Kevin Kobasic and myself! It was taken in New Orleans more than 10 years ago, I think around 93. I found this snapshot after reading Maries' blog and checking out Kevins artwork. I knew Kevin from my NYC days at Marvel and he was a great guy. I remember him being taller than me, that's always a shocker. I haven't seen him since...I don't know. Six years ago? I had an old number for him, but if anyone has a recent one, let me know.

So, the story on the photo is, It was almost like a coincidence the three of us meeting. I flew down there to meet a woman I was dating. She had family in New Orleans and we made plans for dinner. I think I just ran into Marie! In the days before cell phones we just told her the name of the Brew pub/Restaurant and she and Kev joined us.

I had a lot of fun on that trip! I put on a dress and marched in a French Quarter parade, I badly cut leg while shaving it. My lady friend and I walked down to Tulane University(notice the hat), we enjoyed some good music and we ate at some really expensive places. That town was such a great place for romance. I hope to return one day.


Marie Javins said...

Cute! Who is that woman with the brown hair?

Steve Buccellato said...

Interesting story. Did I ever tell you that on my first trip abroad, I actually ran into Kevin Kobasic while walking down the street in Paris? Pure coincidence. We barely knew each other from our Marvel connections, and neither of us knew the other was in Europe. I had been traveling for a couple weeks and was feeling pretty homesick, so it was great to find someone I (sort of) knew. I think we were like best pals for 24 hours or less. I have fond memories of drinking in a crowded pub in the Latin Quarter with Kevin.

Years later, I brought my wife to the same pub when we were dating. Aw!

Don Hudson said...

I remember that story!

Kevie Metal said...

Who the hell is that twelve year old trying to look hardcore?

Yay! Drinking stories! Not only that, two drinking stories where I come out looking good! How often does that happen. What a great time in New Orleans. I remember that your lady friend read our auras. (Mine was not good). Hanging out with Steve in Paris ruled. Then we went back to being indifferent in New York!

Don, those brush sketches are fantastic.

Sara Kocher said...

Can't you tell that Kevin Kobasic is stalking y'all? Run! Get out of the house!

Or maybe stay at home...I do and I've never seen Kevin hanging around here.

p.s. I agree with Kevin. Those sketches are very cool, Don.

Don Hudson said...

Thanks for the compliments guys. And as for Kevins aura, I didn't see anything wrong with it!