Thursday, January 05, 2006

A photo from the archives

I found myself flipping through my old box of photos and found this little gem. I took this shot after landing in Sydney, Australia in 1994. The pilot and the staff was so friendly, I asked if I could take a quick shot of myself in the pilot seat. The Co-pilot's seat was empty and the first pilot gave me his hat to wear. I think I wanted the shot for reference. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I have the shot! Of course, this photo would be impossible today.


Marie Javins said...

That's really cool. I never got around to asking if I could see inside the cockpit. And now I never will.

Sara Kocher said...

Amazingly enough, that's not so, Marie. You can still see inside the cockpit, provided that you're accompanying a cute, talkative pre-schooler.

I doubt they'd have allowed photos or let us sit in one of the pilot's seats, but we were invited to see inside the cockpit of a short-haul US domestic flight (can't recall the airline, but it was this past summer). It's amazing what a two-and-a-half year old can get to do.