Tuesday, January 31, 2006

East Coast friends!

I have just returned from a successful trip from New York City. I should tell you that the weather there is just like in Los Angeles and I was a little disappointed. I brought my heavy coat for nothing, but did see a few short skirts! A highlight of the trip was dinner at a most excellent barbecue restaurant in Brooklyn. Learn more at http://www.BrooklynbarBQ.com

There was a group of us having dinner there for the first time and the food was delicious!


vince said...

I agree. Very good food with a nice selection of beer.
Worth the trip!

lollyevans said...

it was okay. but then, i don't like going to brooklyn

Rockwitz said...

East Coast representin' No one looked up Rockwitz lord of NYC!!! Holla back from the West fools!!!