Sunday, January 01, 2006

My Resolution

I am not a big fan of New Years Resolutions. I feel that if you want to change, there is no time like NOW. Don't wait until January to lose weight or change a habit from bad to good. I am making this particular resolution because of my previous post. I thought about it and realized how egotistical I was redrawing and correcting some guys artwork. Who do I think I am anyway? Therefore, my resolution is to become more modest and not critique bad artwork. And I will start NOW.


Sara Kocher said...

Aww, Don. I kinda liked the critique. Of course, it wasn't my artwork.

On the other hand, you post plenty of your own work here and people are free to comment on it. So maybe if you're willing to take it, it's okay to dish it out.

p.s. I learn a lot from your sketches and comments, even though I'm not an artist.

big mur said...
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