Sunday, January 15, 2006

Fun with computers...

I have the majority of this weekend dealing with a computer that refused to start. It refused to work! Nothing! Not even a light or sound. I did everything the Apple manual tells you to do and I went so far as to call the 1-800 help desk. Even after paying the punk $50.00 he was of no help. I drove to the Apple store in Santa Monica and the Genius there was a lot more helpful and he gave advice for free! I think I am angry because after trying all I could, I went to my tried and true method of fixing a problem , And that is throwing money at it. I have to have a computer to work, and since the old G4 is now a paperweight, a new G5 is needed. Spending this much money on a computer and all the additional attachments is a hard pill so close to tax time. I am definitely in a sad mood.

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Marie Javins said...

Hi Don.

Whenever I have "fun with computers," I go to the Apple site to try to find out what is happening. for basic stuff and for something more complicated.

Of course, if your computer won't even turn on, you have to go to a friend's house or to the library, which is kind of a pain.

The Apple site thinks you need a cheap new internal PRAM battery. It's not that different than a clock or watch battery. See this:

Hope you check this before you buy a new computer because a battery is a lot cheaper.