Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Old-Fashioned Comic Shop

I had to do some lunchtime errands in Burbank today and I visited the nearest comic-shop! The new books came out today, so at 2:00 I find myself visiting "Astonishing comics". I've been there many times and I am astonished at how horrible the place looks. When you walk in, there's a short wall almost blocking the door! It's a small place to begin with and the walkways are jammed with books, old and new. Gladly, I'm always able to find what I'm looking for. The worst part is that half the store looks like a neglected basement. Boxes, loose papers and I think also garbage! I can't imagine any excuse for it. The thing is that back in the 80s, most Comic Shops looked like that. At that time it was a fringe market at best and basements were the only place anyone could afford. Maybe I think that the owner should have more pride in his shop but I don't know his situation. I think that a Comic Shop can be as cool as any Barnes and Noble and a little effort can only help sales. Whew!
I can't wait until I open my own shop...And people can complain about me.

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