Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Goodbye Broadway

After my dinner Michael C., we walked to the Theatre that will soon house "Jersey Boys". After finding nothing there we went our separate ways! I took my sketch book and notes back to the hotel and resumed my nostalgic walking tour. I took the 4 train to 14th street and walked down Broadway to St. Marks place. I had to revisit the shops and hangouts that I remembered. Not to re-live, Just remember. The next day, Sunday, more walking! Bleeker street, West 4th St. The East Village. A quick shower and my flight home. I think that It's been so long since I'd been back to NYC I wanted to go everywhere and take mental snapshots of everything. If I wind up returning for more work, I'll relax and have new memories. I hope that's soon, because my legs are sore from all that walking!

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