Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Of Mice and Men

I have complained before about how the neighborhood has gone south. The busted sink, the construction next door and whatever else. The fun continues with a mouse problem. I walked into the kitchen one night and scared a rodent. I acted immediately and got some traps. I told Mr. Landlord and he wanted some proof before calling the exterminator. I guess he did not want the Board of Health calling him.

So anyway, I baited the trap with Peanut Butter and Almonds and left it overnight. When I woke up in the morning the deed was done and I got evidence for Mr. Landlord.

This was the first mouse. A second critter showed up after this one was trapped and ate the bait. I caught the other and all is well.


Marie said...

Ew. Did you take it to your landlord?

Marc Siry said...

Dude, seriously- get a cat. In the ten years I've been living with cats I haven't seen any sort of creature larger than an ant in any of my homes.

Not sure if it's a deterrent effect, or if it's due to active predation- but my current feline, Phoebe, stands guard in the kitchen every evening, haunched in anticipation, staring intently at the crack under the stove... I presume she's waiting for something. The fact that I never see anything leads me to believe it goes straight to vermin hell via Pheobe's gullet.

Don Hudson said...

Marie, I showed the photo to Mr. Landlord and he got the point.

And as for a cat, the traps are working for me. I might get a little freaked out with a stalking feline in the kitchen.

Marie said...

You could just borrow a cat.