Monday, January 07, 2008

Mix Tape

I sent a mix tape to my girlfriend this afternoon. I turned her on to some new music when we were driving and I wanted to share. I love music! When I was growing up in East Flatbush, I spent hours at the drawing table listening to the radio. I developed a love for medodies and beautiful vocals. I am thinking of my girl right now. (Sappy sigh)

My friend Marie sent me a couple of compilation tapes and they were great! She was big into music before she started to travel the world and she has really good taste in music. I remember how great it was to hear a new song and want to find out more about that artist. I am happy to share that experiencewith someone new. If anyone out there would like to send me a cool mixtape, let me know!


babyphat523 said...

That was so sweet, I hope your lady friend liked it!

How about a cd? (I don't have a cassette player anymore.) If you'd like, feel free to email your address to me @ my profile and I will send you an interesting mix of tunes.

Go Brooklyn! :)

Marie said...

When's the last time I sent you a mix tape? I have some good CDs that people made for me over the last few years. Happy to share.