Monday, January 28, 2008


I am not a big athlete. I may be tall, but I spent my youth at the drawing table, not the basketball court. As I got older, I would play around with a basketball. I tried to get into a pick-up game once, but I sucked. The last time I played basketball, it was with a girl. And I lost.

So when I got a call from my friend Brian, I was a little surprised! He wanted me to be the sixth man on his over 35 league despite my loss. I am worried about my tender fingers, but I agreed to play. Brian called me this morning about a game tonight in the valley. Short notice, but I did it.

I was kinda rusty at first but I improved. Everybody was encouraging and I made it through 2 hours running up and down a court. I also got a few blisters on my feet. I could do this again, once my feet heal up.

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