Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Unseen Neal Adams

I love the Art of Neal Adams. He's good and fast and I think he's done just about everything when it comes to drawing. I buy the sketchbooks he puts out because I want to see how he does it! I know the guy is busy with his studio and he has a body of work, he must have a lot of drawings gathering dust. Unfortunately, I see the same old 20 year old stuff. I'm so demanding!

I'm posting a Neal Adams drawing that I bought at a convention many years ago. It was for some Country Music Christmas show and you can clearly recognize a few likenesses. This is the type of art I would love to see more of!

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Brian Buccellato said...

I wish I could draw myself into that piece of art...

Why? because i want to be a part of something that is special, something that is Christmassy, and something that is Country Western.