Saturday, May 19, 2007

Okay Gang! Let's INK!

Whenever I get ready to ink a page, I make sure my ink is black, my pens are clean and that my reference is close at hand. I mean, samples of other inkers that I admire! I have my own style of course, but looking at some great work for inspiration and guidance can't hurt. Who are these inkers? I'll tell you!

Garcia-Lopez- I look at his stuff from the 80s. His line went from thin to strong when he got to DC in the 70s. I also look at D. Giordanos' work from the 70s as well.

Jorge Zaffino- I love the Winter World art and how he used his brush!

Al Williamson- whenever I ink hair or faces, I check his Secret Agent X-9 work. He knows how to keep it simple!

R. Villegran- Another master of the brush. His work on Atari Force in the 80s was excellent!

There are many others of course, but I keep it simple. I hope I'm able to influence someone someday.

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