Monday, February 05, 2007

Reference part 2

Yesterday I talked about reference and how to use it. In this post, I show it in practical use. In the Kolchack book, I had to draw the character in a plane going home. The tough thing about drawing the inside of a airplane are the seats! The shape of the seats are kind of odd. I was lucky to find the right ref for the interior of a jet. This really isn't some kind of industry secret. Every artist should know how to look for and use background and location reference.


Allen Gladfelter said...

You must be some kind of reference packrat! I remember reading books about cartooning when I was a kid that described how working cartoonists would maintain entire file cabinets full of reference photos clipped from magazines. I have to admit that I did not like the idea of maintaining file cabinets of stuff. But you know what? That's why God invented the internet! Now, when I need to draw the underside of a car or the Chinese rifle of a guerrilla soldier, I can go to Google and find what I need in a mere matter of minutes! Doesn't the advent of internet search engines make such clipping collections somewhat redundant?

Don Hudson said...

Are clipping collections redundant? I don't think so. I use the internet as well but that's saying 'Why do you need Costco? When you can get everything you need at Trader Joes?' The print media has photos that no one would bother to put online. Google is cool and file cabinets are old school cool.

Steve Buccellato said...

Keep keepin' it real, DH!