Thursday, February 01, 2007

Brenda Starr by Joe Kubert

Brook Shields starred in the movie adaption of the newspaper strip Brenda Starr! It was part of a wave of comicbook movies that came out in the 80s. Films like Popeye, Supergirl and The Conan movies. Some were excellent and some were never seen again. The Brenda Starr film disappeared but this piece of artwork remains. It looks like the plot of the film in 12 panels. Drawn by J. Kubert, he does a great Brenda Starr!

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Allen Gladfelter said...

That's pretty cool! I admit to having been a Dale Messick fan from back when I was a kid pouring over the comics pages of the Kansas City Star. This Joe Kubert page is pretty neat, though I would say it's far from his best work. Also, you know June Bridgman is drawing Brenda Starr nowadays. I think this came up when we were talking about Power Pack a while ago. Bridgman does all right, but I have to admit that I still prefer Messick's work on Brenda Starr.