Monday, February 26, 2007

My Weekend

I planned a trip to NYC to spend some time with a friend, D.K. I didn't call any other friends to hang out, so I apologize to anyone I did not see over the weekend. It was a coincidence that there was all kinds of Comic book related action going on during my visit! I can't recap the entire weekend, so here are a few high points!

I went to the Illustration House early Friday with D.K. I found out that they were offering some Michael Golden art for sale, and I wanted to see if any of it was in my price range. I was out of luck. The Golden cover on the flyer was listed at $6,500 and the beautiful Alex Ross paintings in the photo were listed at $115,000. Wow.

The New York Convention took place at the Jacob Javits center starting Friday. D.K. does not work in Comics, but she was into seeing what went on at such a place. We stopped by the Con and It was a lot cooler than what I expected. It was a mess last year, but very nice this year. There were so many people that I haven't seen in years! D.K. was impressed by my old school Marvel background and she even bought a bunch of books!

I had some excellent meals and travelled around the changing city. There's a place in Tribeca called Dylan Prime that serves a nice steak. D.K. and I also ate some Korean Fried chicken on 35th Street!

On Saturday, I returned to the Con and hung out with my friend Rob. He had a booth with Tokyo Pop but we walked around the show. The original art prices are just as ridiculous.

NYC was cold and windy. My trip there was fun and relaxing!


mmclaurin said...

Hey, sorry I missd you on Saturday! Was such a huge place, and I was just there for the day. But it was a great time! Like old home week. I heard Carl Potts was there, though I missed him as well.

Don Hudson said...

Carl looked good! I have to post a list of all the old-school Marvelites I saw.