Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday comics

I was really into comics around 1982. It was my second year of High School and I started hanging out with like minded fans of comic books. My art sucked, but I kept trying hoping to improve. I'm still trying to improve!

My family read the NY Daily News and I read the Magazine section and the Comics! At one point I started clipping and saving a certain strip and really studying the art, and that strip was ANNIE.

Not Little orphan ANNIE, just annie, Drawn by Leonard Starr. The line looks simple enough, but it's drawn with ease and confidence! Excellent work of a bygone age. Another thing is that in the Sunday strip I've posted, you see that a number of characters not only hold, but fire guns! Not a big deal back then, but today there is an unofficial rule that weapons can't be shown in newspaper strips today. You may not have read your local Sunday paper lately, so take a look. Just corny jokes, save the violence for the front page.

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Steve Buccellato said...

That's great, Don. Do you have more of those old Sunday strips? I'd like to see more! Especially if you can show some good detail. (hmm..maybe I should post some of those Alex Raymond Flash Gordon strips on my blog...)