Sunday, September 10, 2006

Birthday Bar Hopping

How do you celebrate someone's 40th birthday? A new car? A facelift? No, I decided to drink! My friend Rob shares the same date of birth, but I'm a year older. Rob came up with the bar hopping idea and I put together a list of cool Santa Monica bars. It was such a blast!

We started at my place. I supplied the beer and Rob brought some food, Champagne and some excellent clothes. Steve brought some beautiful framed artwork and a great book as gifts. Dean and Monica brought chips, dip, a tasty cake and a great gift card that I'll be using tomorrow! It's a good thing that Rob was designated driver, because the party has started!

The first place was a Vodka bar named VODA. It's inside a Santa Monica hotel and we got there after 6:00. It was nice and empty and we got to know the bartender really well! He recommended some good drinks and we ordered some tasty pizza from the bar menu. The place gets the thumbs up!

After we relax with a few drinks, we head to a nearby Mexican restaurant with a hopping bar scene! We enjoy Margaritas with salt and we are joined by 2 friends who happened to be in the area! They didn't follow us to the next bar, but that's okay. More for us!

We had a lot of beers at O'Briens and even more at Punch on Wilshire! Things get a little blurry after that. We planned on going to more bars, but we know when to say when. Lots of drinking and lots of laughs.

Rob dropped me off at my place, and thankfully no vomiting! Just some fake hurling to freak out the neighbors. A night out drinking with my dignity intact! I must have learned something in 40 years.

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