Sunday, November 20, 2005

Masters of American Comics

My friend Steve and I attended the opening of The Masters of American Comics exhibit at the MOCA. The Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Downtown LA and Steve invited me. Excellent stuff! I was really interested in the Wally Wood art on display and the Harvey Kurtzman layouts. There were original color layouts that Kurtzman did for Little Annie Fanny and Mad Magazine. I took a close look at the Jack Kirby pages. There is always something to learn from Kirby! We thought that there would be a lot of notable comic book guys like Stan Lee or maybe Alex Toth, but I only recognized Matt Groening. The MOCA only shows half of the exhibit. I have to visit the HAMMER Museum to see the other artists like Chester Gould and Milt Caniff. If you are in LA, you have to see this exhibit! Try this game, take a look at the Kirby originals and try to guess how much money they could get at a convention!

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