Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jersey Boys Review!

As I get to the The August Wilson Theater I see the massive spotlight always present at a premiere. This must be the place! I get my tickets but I don't enter right away. I step outside and check out the crowd and who might pull up in a limo. Steve Van zant from The Sopranos TV show shows up, and I realize that all sorts of mob guys might show up. Later at the bar, I see the entire cast of the show except for James Gandolfini. I must mention that Jaime-Lynn Discalia looks amazing in person!

I was eager to see the show and what might have changed between the La Jolla production and Broadway. It looks like they cut a lot of dialogue and used only half the drawings I did for it. It was still a fast-paced, snappy show with excellent acting and music. The lead actor who played Frankie Valli carried the show. I did read a few reviews, USA Today mentioned the background drawings and I thought that was cool!

The end of the show was really touching. The surviving Four Seasons got up on stage to a standing ovation and Joe Pesci joined them! He was a friend of the group in the early days and the crowd loved it. Afterwards, I walked to the Opening night party and saw a few more celebrities. I made a point to look for the people I worked with like the director and Art director and The Producer to thank them for including me. I really enjoyed the night!

I've said this before, I thought that this was just another job. I was wrong.

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Sara Kocher said...

You get lazy and skip a few blog entries and what happens? Your friend has a Broadway premiere and you don't even say CONGRATULATIONS!

Sorry I'm late. This is so cool, would love to hear more about it.

The USA TODAY review says "Scenic designer Klara Zieglerova fashions a whimsical tone, with campy period cartoons projected on screens." So they kind of gave her credit for them. On the other hand, she was smart enough to hire you, so she deserves props for that!