Monday, November 28, 2005

Convention in Columbus

I have just returned from the Mid-Ohio Convention in Columbus, Ohio. I have never been there before and I have to admit, that it's the sweetest convention I have been to in a long time. By sweet, I mean that the fans were so excellent and everyone there including the volunteers had the time of the lives. Let me start at the beginning. It was in the Easton Hotel, close to a enormous shopping center. As I walked to the hotel restaurant Sat. Morning, I ran into Tom DeFalco. We worked on a comic for Moonstone Books and Moonstone would have a booth at the con as well. We ate breakfast with Dave from Moonstone and talked comics for little bit and that was cool. He asked about some friends we both knew and we three had a fine meal.

I've decided that conventions are for meeting people and making friends. That's why I went. I met one guy on Saturday that had me sign a bunch of books I worked on about 15 years ago! I worked on a lot of stuff for marvel in the early 90s and you never know what people will remember. I signed a lot of Web of Spider-Man and Shield Comics. I also drew a few sketches for people who bought my GN. I'm grateful that I sold out of books I bought on Sunday and I had a chance to walk around the convention.

There were great dealers with nice bargains. I bought a copy of Ms. Marvel #22 with a nice Dave Cockrum cover for 50 cents! I also spent time at the Moonstone booth with Tom and helped sell a few issues of KHAN #1. I hope that 15 years from now people will ask me to sign that book. This convention reminded me of the old days before Hollywood swooped down and carried away the comicbook demographic and glitzed up the San Diego Con. The show was calm, fun and felt like a high school reunion. Except that the most popular kid had on a Superman costume.

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