Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kevin Nowlan art

I used to ink for Marvel a million years ago, and I hung around the office a lot. One of my favorite places to visit was the ARt Return office. The guy in charge was a pal and I had a chance to see a lot of art. Published and unpublished art. This particular page was always a mystery. I know that it was drawn by Kevin Nowlan, but what for? A sample? An un-finished story? I think it was drawn in the mid-80s. In any event, If someone has any info, please share!


Kevin Nowlan said...

I can probably tell you more than you'd want to know about the page. It was for an inventory story that was never finished. The same office that assigned it gave me a regular gig and asked me to put it aside. The title was cancelled some time after that so there was never a reason to finish it. It would have been drawn around 1981 or '82.

Can you offer up some details about how you acquired it?

Don Hudson said...

I don't own it, It's a photocopy! I was able to make a copy to study and as far as I know, It's still on a shelf in art returns.

I'd always thought it was just a sample page for Carl Potts.

I remember a Punisher story you drew that really blew me away. Lots of solid blacks and great zipatone work.

Kevin Nowlan said...

Ah... good to know. I was afraid people were helping themselves to the stuff like they did with Kirby's art.

Marvel returned just one of these sample pages to me a few years ago, more than two decades after I drew it, but I'll assume the other 5 or 6 pages are still in their hands. I just noticed that my name isn't on the copy you posted so maybe they don't know where to send it.

Thanks, Don!

Kid said...

Very good storytelling on this page.