Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Kwanzaa

This is an old holiday greeting card from my friend Rob. I was still on the East Coast and I believe that this was his first year in CA. Don't you love the enormous purple car?
Rob picked me up from the airport on my first visit and it started to rain a bit. No roof? No problem! He directed me to some handy blankets on the rear seat and we got to where we were going. Cheers to Rob and to all a Happy Kwanzaa!


Shawna said...

The purple car is awesome! Even better with no roof!

chummy's mum said...

Happy Kwanzaa/Channukah/Christmas to you & yours too!

Thanks for the well wishes.

Don Hudson said...

I think that purple might be the official color of Kwanzaa.

Kevie Metal said...

Thanks for posting this-- I love seeing that big crazy purple car again. I'm so gratified to know that the maniac drove it top down in the rain! Rob's the best.