Sunday, September 20, 2009

Batman does his Banking!

As I dug through my files looking for my stock certificates, I found this old newspaper AD. I clipped it and saved it in 1986! I had not started work at Marvel, but I was of course into comics.
I liked the artwork by JL Garcia-Lopez and the idea that Batman and Robin could be shocked at such an amazing 6.77 percent rate! I know that comic characters sell everything from toothpaste to corn flakes, but I don't think that DC would allow Batman to push a savings account.


Shawna said...

Holy Savings, Batman! Very cool.

Steve Buccellato said...

First Allied Man!

Don Hudson said...

You are right Steve. First Allied man can take over and help with all of our financial needs!

Daniel said...

How bizarre! Tom Grindberg just sent me some prelim sketches and a script for a story featuring Batman teaching Robin the importance of filing income tax!!

"Holy IRS Batman! What if they find out you're Bruce Wayne?"