Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coca-Cola AD

I saw an ad for Coca Cola in Hollywood the other day. It reminded me of anther Coke ad from long ago. The new ad kinda sucks. Look at the top AD. The way the hand is holding the bottle, it seems like a weapon. And if you look at the woman in the top AD, it looks like there's prairie grass growing out from between her legs. Bad composition.

I can understand an homage to a classic ad, I hate that this one sucks.


Vince said...

I didn't pick up on those flaws - but you are absolutely right. The only question left for me is who painted the original ad? My guess - Andrew Loomis.

Steve Buccellato said...

The artist is Haddon Sundblom.

see here: http://www.coca-colaconversations.com/my_weblog/2008/07/coca-colas-awar.html

Don Hudson said...

Thanks for the excellent link Steve!

Vince said...

I should have known! I only think of Sundblom for his Santa/Coke paintings. He is also responsible for the Quaker oats guy and Aunt Jemima. Also, he mentored Pin-up super star Gil Elvgren