Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Have you ever been a character in a comic book?

The answer is YES! Jim Shooter had his great idea for 'The New Universe', A new comic book line separate from Marvel. When Shooter was fired, the line went in a different direction. Shooter made a few enemies. A book or two was cancelled, Pittsburgh was destroyed, a war started and all kinds of stuff. The New Universe was on the way out, but there were some opportunities for new talent...before time ran out.
Back in 1988, I was a Romita Raider(working on staff in art correction), and I shared a space in the Bullpen with Rod Ramos and Chris Ivy. When the New Universe book 'The Star Brand' added a six page back up story with issue fifteen, The writer wrote all three of us into his story!
We three were Army border patrol officers and I was Lieutenant Hudson! The likeness is kinda OK. Rodney drew the story and I did the inking. When I see the story now I wince at my bad inking. I really want to redo it. But like I said, it was a chance for new talent to get some work, so thanks New Universe! I am a character in a comic book!


Anonymous said...

That's very cool!

Scott Koblish said...

Does that mean, since Marvel owns your likeness, that they get a cut every time a picture of you shows up anywhere?

Don Hudson said...

I think that Marvel has forgotten all of that stuff.