Thursday, April 16, 2009

Facebook Question

I recently surrendered to Facebook.
What do I do if I try to befriend someone, and that person denies my offer? Do I ignore that person in real life? If I see the person on the street, do I chastise him or her? I am kind of offended by my Facebook rebuke!

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Anonymous said...

It would be your call if you decided to explore it further with the person if you ran into them on the street.

But maybe the person is on FB for a certain reason (eg. stalking an ex, spying on their kids/spouse, business only contacts etc.) and doesn't have interest in socializing?

Or maybe the person is just goofy and doesn't know how to navigate their homepage since FB was recently revamped and he/she doesn't know where friend requests are?

I wouldn't take it to heart. It's totally their loss. :)