Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun with a Brush!

I have re-discovered my long lost brush this morning and thought I would test it out.


Anonymous said...

I like it!


Kevie said...

Awesome stuff, man. I love looking at your brush studies.

Do you ever think about how fast you could do a whole comic this way?

Don Hudson said...

Kev, Steve and I thought about doing a 24 hour comic book day book that way. An entire book in a day. Using a brush the hole way would make sense!

Kevie said...

Marie showed me some of Steve's thumbnails one time. That shit would rule too.

When you do a 24 hour comic do you have to write the whole thing in the 24 hours too? That's the part I would have trouble with. I would be rewriting the plot until about the last 20 minutes of hour 23.