Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Punisher kills the Marvel Universe

A little while ago, I got a royalty check in the mail. I inked three pages over Doug Braithwaite for a rush job and they were for The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe. I don't know what kind of fever dream inspired this story, but I loved Braithwaites' art and I jumped at the chance to ink him. I met him once at a Marvel picinic in 1994 (I think it was 1994...) and I knew his work from other books.

I managed to get a couple of copies of the pencils and the inks. You can see how loose the last page is. Also, you can see the knife going thru DAREDEVIL. That was something the editor, asked me to fix. He also blackened in the blood on the last panel where DD is bleeding out. Can't show red blood! Different era huh?

I got the royalty check because the book was reprinted over a year ago. I guess the older stuff is starting to resurface. I am waiting for MARVEL to put The Secret Defenders in a trade paperback. Until Then...

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