Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bad Day Today

I banged my left toe REALLY badly last Saturday. It was late at night and it was extra painful and even bled. I figured it was just an awful stubbed toe and went back to sleep. It throbbed on Sunday but I thought that it would improve. It did not. My left front toe was silly looking. After consulting with my GF, who has had a similar injury, I called my family doctor. Things went wrong the moment I saw him today.

After checking it this afternoon, Dr. LF recommended a Podiatrist and recommened I call for an appointment. "He can see me today?" Sure! Why not! With all this deadline stuff, I could get a persciption for an antibiotic and call it a day. My family doctor tried to prepare me and the Podiatrist set me straight. He would have to remove the busted toenail and let it heal properly.

EEE-YOW! I have never had a nail ripped from a toe before and I would not recommend it. I needed an extra shot for pain before the pulling could be completed. I closed my eyes for the procedure that I'm sure must have been just another nail avulsion for the Podiatrist. I did not open them until he was dressing the toe with a professional looking bandage.

I have to clean and dress the wound and return in 10 days for a check up. I hope I will able to walk my way thru San Diego this year.


Anonymous said...

What? No photos?


Don Hudson said...

I only have a shot of the bandage wrapped toe. You might find it boring!

Marie said...