Friday, April 04, 2008

More Home Improvement!

The appliance installer came by Thursday and spent 3 hours in my kitchen. It was time to replace the oven, the stovetop and the overhead fan. Gosh! The old oven must have been installed in the Nixon Administration.

The new one freaked me out because of it push-button ease. Instead of checking the pilot light and twisting the plastic nob to ignite the broiler, I can now press a button! My food preparation has gone from Analog to Digital.

I am happy to see these improvements. Let the landlord fix the place up while I'm still living here, instead of when I move out!


chummy's mum said...

I'm so jealous you have a wall oven! It's the greatest back saver when you don't have to bend into the blast of oven heat with a heavy roast or huge pan of baked ziti!

Don Hudson said...

I am thinking of doing more baking and roasting. I am sure the temp is a lot more accurate!