Saturday, April 19, 2008

Deanna Troi

I found myself in conversation with my GF not too long ago and we talked about Deanna Troi. She's a character from Star Trek and I am drawing her for a Next Generation Manga. The writer of the story wants her in her season 3 dress and I could not recall of her wearing any dresses. As I did more research, I found all kinds of outfits, including a dress uniform. It seems that my GF was right.

I am working on sketches and Layouts for the story. The character will only wear one outfit in the story, but which one do you like?


babyphat523 said...

Those are cool Don! I prefer the 3rd outfit, the pants. I really like the 2nd one with the 60's mini-dress & go-go boots but I think it's more Original Series than TNG.

Don Hudson said...

I like the sexy jumpsuit myself.